Use Google Trends for SEO research

Top 5 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO research

This post will define 7 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO research. Google Trends provides statistics and other information about the popularity of search terms on Google and YouTube.

Google Trends is a very popular tool for big data research. Not least because it allows you to see search data and provides extensive statistics. Google Trends is also easy to use when you need to compare data.

What Is Google Trends?

Google Search Trends shows the search volumes and how often a search term is used. Google Trends can also be used to compare keyword searches and discover spikes in keyword volume.

Google Trends offers keyword-related data, including search volume indexes and geographic information about search engine users.

5 Ways to Use Google Trends for Marketing :

What Is Google Trends?

1: Analyze keyword volume trends

Google Trends lets you see the trending volume of a keyword over the past year. This is important. This is because you can find those rising in popularity and create content around industry-relevant keywords people are searching for.

You can see search volume numbers only if you use a Google trends tool such as Soovle and Jaaxy. However, you can also predict the keyword’s future performance with Google Trends.

Google Trends can also help you avoid keyword trends that are not favorable.

How can you tell if a keyword is trending? You can adjust the trending period to understand better what’s trending and not.

2: Look for related keywords

Google Trends also can suggest related keywords that are growing in popularity. 

Google Trends will bring up keywords closely related to your search term and list them in order by popularity. These actions are a huge market research lift.

3: Note “Breakout” keywords

Google Trends may sometimes replace the percentage (%) of search volume with “Breakout.” This means that the keyword’s popularity has increased by more than 5,000%. Pay attention! It doesn’t necessarily mean the keyword is difficult to rank for.

It’s possible that the keyword is not yet competitive, so you should jump on it as soon as possible. You can relax on the Google Search page if you are fast enough.

4: Watch for related blog and video topics

 Google Trends can help find related keywords to a search. However, it can also give insight into similar topics that you might consider for future content.

These broad topics can be very helpful for SEO as they allow you to anticipate new trends and create content. Once you have identified the keywords you wish to rank for, creating a list of videos and social media posts about these topics is possible.

5: Go local width optimization.

Google Trends can for brick-and-mortar businesses serving a local area. A “search” is often a part of the purchase process.

You can monitor, analyze, and even predict whether or not a product, service, or new idea will be accepted by a local audience using statistics from search activity.

You can also check out Google Trends’ Interest by Subregion. Although you might live in the same country, millions of people may be elsewhere. Keywords can also trend in different states, cities, and subregions.

Google Trends can show you how the search volume for your keyword changes from one city to another. “Interest by Subregion,” which can filter and narrow down the geographical areas with the greatest demand for products, can strengthen and sharpen an SEO strategy.

 Why Should You Use Google Trends for Marketing?  

 Why Should You Use Google Trends for Marketing?  

Even if your job isn’t in content creation, it is important to be familiar with Google Trends. This tool is used by marketers who understand the importance of capitalizing on google trends.

While we often focus on creating the best evergreen content, we must maximize our efforts by finding the right place and time to publish a piece of content. Here are some ways to use Google Trends:

 1: Find Interesting Topics  

It would help if you found interesting topics to share your content with readers, content marketers, or SEO professionals.

We often forget that SEO professionals are so focused on keywords and technical SEO that they sometimes neglect to consider that people want to read about topics that interest them.

Google Trends is a great tool for discovering what people are most interested in. This tool will show you the interest surrounding a particular search phrase, so you can decide if it’s worth creating content.

Be aware that not all trends are good choices. Look for trends related to your industry to find the best work.

2: Inspire Creativity

Google Trends can be used for visual content as well as written content. Google Trends is a great tool to help you determine what your audience likes to see.

You can generate attention for your content by creating an interesting and relevant image. This will show your target audience that you are interested in what they want and understand their needs. This also has SEO benefits.

3: Identify (and leverage) Seasonal Trends

Your business could be seasonal if you are in the tourism, e-commerce, or travel industries. It can be hard to know when to stock up on particular items.

Let’s take, for example, the possibility that you sell a piece of bass fishing equipment on your e-commerce site. Google Trends can help you determine when bass fishing is most popular. 

This would indicate to e-commerce store owners that late winter is the best time to start pushing your marketing campaigns. It’s when interest is high. To prevent backorders, you may also want to expand your inventory.

How often do Google trends update?

  • Google today announced the most important update to Google Trends over the last three years.
  • Google Trends will now provide real-time data about what people are looking for at the moment.
  • Google implemented changes based on feedback from journalists, researchers, and daily trend-trackers to make it easier for everyone to see what’s happening in Google Search.
  • Google Trends’ minute-by-minute data will show you what stories people are looking for and where the most interest is coming in from. This data can be tracked over time by choosing any period within the past week.
  • Google Trends’ homepage was redesigned to present a ranking, real-time, and ranked list of popular stories, which also consider YouTube and Google News.
  • Google Trends will provide you with data quicker and from more sources. It will also cover niche topics that are popular in smaller geographical locations.


Google Trends data has become more valuable, with modern consumers increasing their expectations and Google updating its algorithm. You can find valuable insights that will transform your SEO if you are willing to go beyond the basics of search.

FAQ about 5 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO Research :


What can you use Google Trends for?

Google Trends can also be used to perform comparative keyword research. It can also be used to identify event-triggered spikes of keyword search volume. Google Trends offers keyword-related data, including search volume indexes and geographic information about search engine users.

How do I use Google Trends for content ideas?

  • Trending topics can be found here. 
  • Do better keyword research. 
  • It can be used to create a content calendar. 
  • Improve your branding efforts.

What are some of the features of Google Trends?

Google Trends, an online data exploration tool, features real-time search data from Google. You can search for people’s interests and find the most relevant articles, trending queries, and related topics.

Is Google Trends free to use?

A free tool by Google called Google Trends. Google Trends allows you to see what people search for online and how they change over time. You can also view the changes in season and geographic locations. This will give you valuable insights into your customers’ searches.