How to Remove Google Fake Reviews?

How to Remove Google Fake Reviews?

In this Article, we’ll talk about How to Remove Google Fake Reviews; then, we’ll outline the steps you can take to submit them to Google and remove the review from your page.

Fake Google reviews can be difficult to recognize If you’re a client. However, for small businesses, you can easily tell when they pop up. The person you’re talking to has never been around before their appearance, and their profile only contains one testimonial. The review you see is for your Company.

If these reviews are fake and appear in the Google My Business listing, How do you get rid of these reviews? Are there any other ways to report them other than notifying them?

The good news is that it’s possible. The negative lies in there are none. Google will immediately remove reviews that do not comply with its policies and policies, even fake reviews.

Why is the reporting of fake Google reviews so important?

Why is the reporting of fake Google reviews so important?

Customer reviews can be a powerful method of acquiring leads. They’re written by your customers and inform potential prospects how your Service or product will perform compared to the marketing message you’ve put out.

Potential leads who are curious about your brand could use this information as a reliable guideline for dealing with you or your Company.

Here’s the issue.

Customers write many reviews that users don’t write. People write fake reviews to make a point or slander a Company’s image. Some businesses will even write fake reviews of their competitors to get an edge in their business.

Based on BrightLocal, 62 percent of customers believe they’ve read a fake Service review in the last year. This is a severe issue for companies who rely on third-party review websites such as Google Maps to attract new customers. On Google, anyone can write an untrue review, which becomes immediately public upon submission.

Since Google is a third-party Website, businesses cannot remove the review. They have to undergo the Google review process to contest the false review.

How to Remove Fake Google Reviews?

However, a Company does not have the authority to take down reviews on its own, which is understandable since that could create Pandora’s box in which businesses are required to remove all negative or poor-rated reviews. Instead, you can appeal to Google to take down fake or malicious reviews.

Google will delete spammy, fake personal reviews and political rants that are illegal, offensive, racist, profane or racist infuriating, or insincere. It is your responsibility to submit the fraudulent and sly review to the attention of Google for them to act.

First, it would be logical to reply to the critique to ensure that you’ve met your obligations.

Step 1: Check Your Google My Business Account for Reviews

The first thing to do is look through for reviews on your Google review page. If you know how to do this, you may bypass this step.

Check out the following steps to read and respond to your Company’s Google Reviews:

  • Verify the business’s existence, and follow the Google My Business instructions to claim your business’s page on Google
  • Log in to the Account of your Google My Business Account at to review your business’s profile once your Company has been verified.
  • Go to”Reviews” under the “Reviews” tab to see and comment on each of the Google Reviews.

Once you’ve been set up to allow you to review your reviews, it’s crucial to monitor them regularly when new reviews are submitted.

So you’ll stay up-to-date with the reading and reply to both positive and negative reviews without delay.

Step 5: Report the Fake Review to Google Small Business Support

Suppose you find a hazardous review or highly inappropriate information. In that case, you might want to escalate the situation by contacting Google Small Business Support through their Website or social media by tweeting Google Small Business Support @Google@. It’s a good idea to include a photo to illustrate the situation you’re focusing on.

In severe circumstances, it is possible to work with a lawyer to make a Legal Request for Removal when you think the information contained in reviews violates the law.

Response to negative reviews

Always show the other reviewers through Google review sites that your Company is acting professionally. Remember these top practices in mind when responding to reviews:

  • Start by apologizing to them, regardless of whether they merit it.
  • Whatever personal the incident is, don’t be able to
  • Be truthful but not defensive
  • You must ensure that your response is brief
  • Chat via SMS or email

If they reply to your request and offer you the opportunity to clarify the issue, they’ll probably delete the review. This can be effective in fraudulent reviews by real customers.

If you want to rule out exposing outright fake reviews, you’ll likely have to talk to Google directly. Be aware of how to recognize an untrue review before launching this procedure.

Marking the false Google review

If they haven’t removed the fake and untrue review, you may mark it as a problem for Google to address the issue. Follow this process to flag this fake review.

  • Log in to Your Google My Business Account
  • If your Company has multiple locations, select the one the reviewer is discussing.
  • Select the menu, then select ” Reviews.”
  • Find the negative review.
  • Click on the three dots and select ” Flag as inappropriate.”

Google will not respond right away. It could take several days before they can analyze circumstances and determine whether to delete reviews or keep them. For fake reviews that are most likely to be fake, this two-step process is sufficient.

If the issue isn’t solved in a way that you are satisfied with, you’ll have to contact Google support.

FAQ about How to Remove Google Fake Reviews:

Is it Possible to Remove Google Reviews?

It is indeed possible to take down Google Reviews. In particular, according to Google, reviews that have been published in direct violation of Google’s review policies can be removed.

What kind of reviews Can Be Removed From Google?

Google is adamant that these kinds of reviews are unsuitable, and the reasons to remove them are:

  • Spam or fake
  • Restricted
  • Illegal
  • Sexually explicit
  • Terrorists of all kinds
  • Off off-topic
  • Dangerous
  • Derogatory
  • Off off-topic
  • Conflict of interest
  • Unsafe Content

Google warns to ensure that business owners do not flag reviews directly in contravention of the Google review policies and not just mark reviews as negative because they disagree with what’s being said.

Find out more about the process of flagging Google reviews as unsuitable.

Will Google Ever Delete Reviews Automatically?

There are instances where Google can eliminate a review automatically on a Company’s page. As per Google’s review policy Google takes steps to identify and remove reviews that are most likely to contain spam to enhance the overall experience for users with Google and ensure that only reviews about your small-scale Company can be described as “authentic, relevant, and useful.”

This is why the Company recognizes that certain “legitimate” reviews may inadvertently be removed and flagged by google’s automatic spam-detection tools.

What to Consider When You Encounter Bad Reviews

There will be negative reviews regardless of the quality of your overall reputation on the internet or your methods for managing your reputation.

If you encounter negative reviews on your online presence through Google Maps or another Google property, you should know that not all customer Feedback is negative.

Understanding your customers’ needs can assist you in better serving them and resolving their issues, which will be for your benefit over the long term and assist you in optimizing your customer experience overall.

Is it a Fake Review?

If you come across a negative Google Review, you’ll want to determine whether it’s genuine or fake information.

Fraudulent Google Reviews can slip through the cracks and ruin your otherwise impressive reputation. Try notifying reviews that are not legitimate. Google Review is inappropriate to remove the review when you suspect that the reviewer has provided false Feedback.