How to Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos

How to Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos

This Article is about Why & How to Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos . Hashtags are keywords that begin with a # symbol. Creators can use hashtags to connect their content with videos that share the same hashtag. Hashtags also make it easy for viewers to search for similar content using the same hashtags.

To help viewers locate their content while browsing other Shorts on YouTube, creators can include #Shorts within the title of their vertical short-form video.

What are YouTube video Hashtags?

YouTube hashtags can be words or phrases added to video titles and descriptions to indicate the video’s topic or category. They are clickable, just like Instagram hashtags. Users can click on the hashtag to see related videos with the same hashtag. YouTube hashtags may appear in the video description, your video title, and above your title.

Why we Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos?

YouTube hashtags can help you get more videos viewed but in different ways.

Makes videos more visible just mentioned that users can click a hashtag to be taken to videos with that hashtag even if they don’t subscribe to your channel. This can help you attract more people and increase your subscribers to your channel.

Categorize your videos without creating playlists  :

While organizing your videos into playlists can keep your viewers interested for longer periods, it can become difficult to manage too many lists as you add more videos. YouTube hashtags allow you to categorize videos in infinitely different ways without creating endless playlists.

Where to Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos?

Use hashtags in only two places: the video title and the description.

1: Title of the YouTube Video:

If you include the hashtag in your title, it will appear in blue and be clickable.

2: YouTube Video Descriptions

 If you add them to your description, they’ll be visible in two ways. It will appear in the description. Second, the first three hashtags will appear just above your YouTube title.

The first three hashtags are crucial as they will make your video searchable. Do not include more than five hashtags.

How To Find the Right Hashtags for YouTube videos

How To Find the Right Hashtags for YouTube videos

Tips for finding the best hashtags on YouTube videos:

1: Trending Videos & Popular Videos

YouTube displays a list of the most popular videos to all users and updates it constantly. It allows viewers to see what’s happening around the globe.

A trending list can include any video, short or long. You can search hashtags to see if there is a trending video in your niche.

There is always the possibility that videos not on the trending list aren’t relevant to your niche. You can search the homepage for popular videos in your niche.

You can see the list hashtags used by the top 10 videos in your niche once you have opened the video list. This will help increase views for your YouTube videos.

2: YouTube Search

YouTube is a search engine. So why not use it to find the best hashtags for your videos? You can search for hashtag symbols by typing them in the search box.

This will show you a list of the most popular hashtags on YouTube. You can include relevant hashtags related to the content you’re posting in your video.

This will allow you to rank your YouTube video. You can also use the hashtags in the trending list to increase views for your YouTube video.

3: Videos of Competitors

Your competitors are the best source of relevant YouTube hashtags for your videos. You can also search for videos that have been viewed a lot.

Next, please search for the hashtags they used on videos with the highest engagement and views. Then, use those hashtags on your videos.

Go to the YouTube channel of your competitor and view the videos, then use the sorting filter to see their most popular videos. Next, please list the hashtags they used in those videos.

4: YouTube Hashtag Generator Tools

You can save time using the hashtag generator YouTube tools VidIQ and to generate hashtags to use with your YouTube videos.

It is easy to add hashtags to YouTube videos. It’s not difficult to add hashtags to your YouTube videos.

The hashtags we used in our SWOT analysis video, directed at small businesses, are an example.

  • #swotanalysis
  • #competitiveanalysis
  • #marketing
  • #smallbusinessmarketing

   What do YouTube Hashtags Do?

According to the YouTube Creator Academy, hashtags can increase your SEO as well as help you get more views in these ways:

  • Hashtags are a way to direct people to your video by linking to other videos with the same hashtag. You might upload a video about exercise and add the hashtag #fitness. If viewers click on videos that use the #fitness hashtag, they can take them to your video.
  • YouTube users often use hashtags to search for keywords when searching on YouTube. You can also design your video around this hashtag to help you get ahead of the hashtag hunts.
  • These hashtags can be used to represent your content. They also help YouTube find your videos more efficiently, increasing your chances of being found for similar hashtag searches.
  • YouTube can recognize that your video is about fitness and health by using hashtags such as “#workout,” #diet,” and “#cardio” YouTube can rank your video by using these hashtags, making it appear in similar hashtag searches.
  • These benefits are not the only ones. Hashtags can be used to string videos from your YouTube channel together without having to create a playlist.
  • But hashtags won’t magically increase views. YouTube’s success depends on many factors.
  • YouTube claims that hashtags cannot guarantee success but can help you get more hits.


YouTube hashtags can help you drive more people to your videos. To increase your chances of success, you should research the best keywords and follow YouTube optimization. You can also track hashtag performance to ensure you use the correct hashtags. You can experiment with hashtag types and quantities to see if they impact your YouTube video analytics.

FAQ Section :


Can you add hashtags to YouTube after posting

Yes, you can add hashtags to YouTube videos after posting. Adding hashtags to your videos will improve the searchability of your video.

How many hashtags should I use on YouTube?

You can use 3 to 5 hashtags in the YT title and 15 hashtags in the description. Do not add more than 60 hashtags, as YouTube might remove your video for over-tagging.

How can you place hashtags above YouTube titles?

You need to add hashtags in your video description. The first three hashtags will be e visible in the YT title.

What hashtags are most popular on YouTube?

The most popular hashtags to use on YouTube include :

  • #youtubeislife
  • #subscriber
  • #youtubeguru
  • #youtubecontent
  • #newvideo
  • #subscribers
  • #youtubevideo
  • #youtub
  • #youtuber and #youtubevideos .