How to Enhance Your Instagram Video Ads

In this article, we will talk about how to Enhance Your Instagram Video Ads. Instagram is home to around 400 million people who publish 80 million posts per day which makes it an excellent platform for advertisers, particularly when other platforms are struggling with privacy and data concerns.

Instagram is home to an extremely active audience and claims its advertisements help increase awareness. Instagram offers a variety of choices, such as carousel and photo advertisements, as well as videos and advertisements on Instagram Stories, with the second two offering visuals, motion, sound, and sight to make it easier for users to connect.

How to set up Instagram video ads


Step 1: Collect 5 photographs

The only thing you’ll require for this project is five images that show your company. Since Instagram is a visually-oriented social network, We recommend picking your most appealing photos. Below are the pictures we picked for three companies we worked on for our test.

Step 2: Make your Instagram video advertisement

After you’ve chosen your pictures now, you’re ready to start. First, sign onto first. Sign in to your Animoto account.

If you do not have an account yet, you can register for an account for free right now. After you’ve signed up for your account, you can click to create to begin creating a fresh project.

Instead of picking a pre-designed template, click on the Start from a scratch button at the top right-hand corner. You’ll be asked for a theme, but you can do this to create your own Instagram video advertisement

Step 3: Apply subtitles

The inclusion of subtitles in your videos is crucial because of some reasons. Certain viewers with the sound off will not be able to follow the story correctly when English isn’t their primary language.

Some people are hard of hearing or deaf, while others turn off their devices while watching videos in public spaces, such as on the subway or bus. Thus, you need to consider steps to improve your videos to make them more appealing to the viewers. A simple way to accomplish this is to add subtitles.

Step: 4 – Create Shoppable Video Post Ads


One of the most significant issues in one of the biggest issues with Instagram is that users are unable to post links to your feed posts. It is possible to use a link to your advertisement, but there is only one link that leads to a single page.

Therefore, if you’re selling several products listed in your ad, then you’ll need to create a unique landing page on which all items are displayed.

If you own an online shop, you can find a different solution: utilize shoppable posts. If you choose to use shoppable posts, you can add products to your posts in the same way that ORO uses with the “view products” link “view products” link:

Top 5 Tips to improve your Instagram video post


1: Focus on One Goal in Your Instagram Video Ad

Advertisers are often convinced that to achieve the most return on investment from their advertisements; they should achieve various objectives. But this can lead to a poor conversion rate since having too many goals could trigger the paradox of decision-making to Enhance Your Instagram Video Ads

With too many options, viewers don’t know what to follow next. And will be unable to take any decision. To reap the maximum benefits out of your Instagram advertisements, you must focus on one focus at a time.

The objective you decide to set will be based on your overall business objective. If you’re looking to make sales, you should focus on bringing more people to the well-optimized conversion-optimized landing page.

If you’d like to improve your image as a brand, make an engaging video that reflects positively on your company and focus on generating as many viewers as you can.

2: Optimize Your Instagram Video Ad for Feed Consumption

Instagram videos can be as long as 120 seconds in length. However, you don’t need to make lengthy ads simply because Instagram allows you to.

Shorter videos might provide better results as per HubSpot study videos that run 26 seconds or less get the highest amount of interaction on Instagram.

3: Optimize Your Instagram Video Ad for a Mobile-First User

Instagram is primarily an app for mobile devices. Although you can use Instagram via a desktop browser, however, it isn’t able to do many things via the app, like posting. This is why most people connect to the platform using their mobile devices.

To optimize your Instagram Video Ads, you must optimize your video and landing pages to work on mobile phones. To ensure that your video is mobile-friendly, you should publish your test website organically to test whether the video and the overlay text are easy to read. If you’re happy with the appearance of the video, then you can make it available as an advertisement.

If you’re managing an online store, optimizing your site to be mobile-friendly should be easy because most builders have this option.

An excellent example of a mobile-optimized advertisement as well as a landing page can be found by Elegant Themes. The video is simple to view on a tiny screen, and its text has enough space for you to read.

4: Several Test Versions of Your Instagram Video Ad

However hard you work, you can’t develop the most effective version of your ad on your first try. The process takes time and effort to refine the ad and develop one that gets the most traffic, views, and sales.

This is why it is important to check your Instagram video advertisement before going live. Your initial goal is to make it profitable. Instead of putting aside a large budget at once, start with a modest budget of $5-10 days and gradually increase it as your conversion rate improves.

5: Test multiple versions of the ad at a lower cost.


It is possible to test the length of the video, dimensions and overlay colors, the overlay fonts, CTAs, landing pages, and more. Once you’ve got won, you can stop all other ads and then increase the one that performs best. It is also possible to make new versions of the winning ad and then split-test them.

Another advantage is that when you evaluate your ad, it will collect views and feedback. This can add social evidence to your Instagram Video Ads  advertisement and make it more persuasive.

6: Engage With People Who Comment on Your Instagram Video Ad

When you receive comments about your Instagram video advertisement, respond to every comment. This will allow you to answer any questions that your viewers have. This will also show your commenters and ad viewers that you are concerned, and more people will be drawn to your products.

Additionally, you’re increasing the number of comments when you respond by responding. When people see the number of comments posted, they’ll want to know more about the direction the ad takes them.

The mentioned Smart Mike+ can respond to any comments made in their advertisements. This allows them to build relationships with their viewers and rack more comments simultaneously. As of now, the video advertisement that was shown earlier has received 338 comments.


Enhance Your Instagram Video Ads that are simple images or a montage of images are great. A lot of companies have had success using these ads. But what do you think of the video? Does it merit the effort and time it takes to make?

There’s nothing wrong with trying. It’s not that difficult to make a video since there are a variety of tools that can simplify your process.

It is possible to split the test of a few Instagram video ads with your photo ads to determine which ones yield the most outcomes. If they generate greater ROI, the effort you invest in creating these will be worth it in the end.


FAQ on How to Enhance Your Instagram Video Ads


Do video ads perform better on Instagram?

In the case of Instagram, organic video posts and ads receive 38 percent more engagement than photos. More than 50 percent of users are in agreement that they want to see more videos from brands they trust.


What makes a good video ad?

A great video ad should draw attention to a problem and explain how the company will address the issue. Utilize a script. It’s important to have a well-thought together plan for creating content in any form, especially in the case of video. Could you not make it up as you go along?


Do video ads work better?

Video ads are more effective in achieving rates of click-through. Video ads convey an even more compelling story than traditional banner ads means that they are not just better at attracting viewers but also attracting more clicks.


Do videos get more engagement than photos?

Indeed, video is the most popular type of content on Instagram. Also, organic video posts get 38% more engagement than images. Similar results can be found using Facebook advertisements using video.