How to Remove Reviews on Facebook

How to Remove Reviews on Facebook

In this article, we will explain How to Remove Reviews on Facebook? If you own a business, you’ve seen how important it is to have a solid reputation.

However, in a digitally-driven world, online presence is just the same way as, if not more, offline. Therefore, if an unfavorable review surfaces on your favorite social media, it’s crucial to understand how to get rid of Facebook Reviews.

What are Facebook Reviews?

These are just customer reviews uploaded to companies’ Facebook pages. The ideal is that the reviews are positive and demonstrate to other customers how easy it is to deal with your company.

They differ from ratings and recommendations since they tend to be more profound. This means they could be more beneficial for your company or detrimental, depending on the reviews.

How to Remove Reviews on Facebook?

Step 1: Comment on the review

On Facebook, the owners of pages cannot take individual reviews off their own. Users can, however, mark a review as a flag to inform Facebook’s team of the need to remove reviews.

However, they can only mark a review as a flag if at least one other comment exists.

Commenting on negative reviews is complicated and needs to be dealt with extreme diligence. Even if the review appears fake, the comments should attempt to fix the issue.

When the genuine customers of your company go through the review, they’ll be aware that your business made an effort to address the problem.

Step 2: Mark the review

To mark a review as a review, click on the top-right corner of the Page and click on the arrow that points downwards.

Select ‘Report post’ and then discuss the reasons you’re not allowing the review to be reviewed.

Step 3. Wait until Facebook’s team removes the review.

It may take a long time because their team must manually review the report. If the team discovers that the review is not in compliance the Facebook’s Community Standards, they will eliminate it, and no record of the reviews will be kept.

3 Things to Do If You Receive a Negative Review on Facebook


Please respond to the review; if it’s a genuine positive review, it’s best to reply. Perhaps you’ve made a mistake or are having an awful day. Whatever the reason you’ve done, you must make sure to respond to the review and tell the client that you appreciate your customers’ feedback and want to rectify the situation.

You are not only developing a relationship with the client, but you are also building relationships with those who are considering buying from your business. Positive reviews can help potential customers.

However, bad reviews could determine the success or failure of the next purchase.

This can also help the image of your business and brand values. If you can respond to negative reviews, let others feel that you care and are prepared to try to rectify the issue.

Also, it makes it clear to potential customers that this doesn’t reflect an average experience for your business. A negative review can be an opportunity to make things right with the customer and earn their trust.

Sometimes, the customer may revise their reviews to highlight how your company dealt with the situation, transforming your negative review into an optimistic one.

1: Report the Review

Let’s assume that the review they wrote isn’t relevant to your business in general. For instance, the customer’s negative review is about their disappointment with a Facebook advertisement that they did not find interesting.

Still, it has nothing to do with any product, service, or company. If the review is not related to your company’s or service product in any of the above motives, you may complain on Facebook to have them manually examine the review. If the review is not under the rules, Facebook will take down the review from your account.

2: Remove the Reviews Tab from Your Facebook Page

Suppose you believe the reviews harm businesses more than they are helping them. In that case, you may also eliminate the option for customers to write comments on the Facebook pages of your business altogether.

If it’s the case, it’s essential to look into the reasons behind your negative reviews. If the issues are real and need to be addressed, hiding them can’t solve the problems within your company that have to be addressed.

Here are the easy steps to take to eliminate Facebook’s review tab: Facebook reviews tab from your Facebook profile:

  • In the role of Page, the Administrator goes to Page Settings.
  • Select the tabs for Templates, and Tabs, Then scroll down until you come to the Reviews Click the Settings tab.
  • Switch the toggle switch off. You’re done!
  • Remember that there are pros and cons of removing reviews from your Facebook page completely.

How do you remove negative reviews from the Facebook page?

  • To turn off Facebook page reviews To disable Facebook page reviews, follow these steps:
  • Check Your Facebook News Feed and click on “Pages” in the left-hand side menu.
  • Go to your Facebook profile.
  • Click the “Page Settings” button on the left-hand side at the bottom of your Facebook page.
  • Select “Templates and Tabs” from the menu options on the left.
  • Just turn the reviews tab off to the left of “Reviews.” This will take this section off your Page.

How to manage Facebook reviews  

It’s not enough to erase bad reviews. Likewise, report them. Facebook reviews will not fix the issue. What should you do? The best method to manage your Reputation online on social media platforms is to be able to respond to Facebook comments properly. The steps to follow are:

1: Engage with positive feedback. 

At the minimum, you should “like” your positive Facebook reviews.

You can go in one more positive direction by thanking your reviewers for the kind words. By doing this, you will be able to encourage them to speak more about you.

2: Use these positive review response templates

if you’re unsure how to engage with positive customer feedback.

3: Don’t forget to respond to negative reviews

 It’s best to address them rather than give the impression you don’t care.

4: Handle negative Facebook reviews with class and honesty

 Apologize to customers who share bad reviews. It may be best to admit fault. Where appropriate, give your side of the story. Even though you can’t remove negative Facebook reviews, you can still influence the narrative with a thoughtful response.

5: Use our negative review response templates 

to navigate negative comments easily and gracefully.

6: Sponsor your positive Facebook reviews

 Broadly has a unique service that helps turn positive reviews into clickable Facebook ads, amplifying those stellar results you are promising. Let your best reviews outshine the few bad eggs.

Keep asking for customer feedback. Of course, the best way to manage your online reputation is to continually ask for reviews from happy customers. Eventually, you’ll have so many great reviews; the bad ones won’t even matter!


Knowing How to Remove Reviews on Facebook or what you should do if you don’t is vital to defend your company and the customer’s sentiment.

If you’re struggling to gain reviews or manage your Reputation online, dial Reputation for help from the experts. At Reputation, we are experts in assisting businesses, big and small, to build their Reputation online.

FAQ About: How to Remove Reviews on Facebook


How do I manage Reviews on Facebook?


On your Page, click Settings on the top right. Select Edit Page from the left column. Next to Reviews, click Settings. Click the On/Off toggle by Show Reviews, then Save.

Do Facebook Reviews show on my timeline?


When a user writes reviews via your Facebook page, it’ll appear as a post on the Facebook timeline. With the latest upgrade of the Reviews system to Recommendations, you can also suggest businesses by commenting on a friend’s request for recommendations or sharing your Page with friends.

Where have Facebook Reviews gone?

The “Review” tab of business Pages is now being changed to the “Recommendations” “Recommendations” tab. The feature is currently rolling out to all users on the platform. That is the reason some of you might see “both” live on your Page as of right now.

Are Facebook reviews private?

All reviews and recommendations posted on Facebook appear publicly on your Page’s Recommendations or Reviews tab. They cannot be made for private.

How many reports does a Facebook account have to be deleted?

There is no absolute number that is officially mentioned. It’s based on the situation’s gravity and the information’s legitimacy. Sometimes, even one authentic report could make Facebook take down an account, which happens after just 24 hours.


How to Remove Reviews on Facebook

How to Remove Reviews on Facebook