Generate Leads With Gated Content

Top 5 Steps to Generate Leads With Gated Content

In this article, we’ll describe 5 steps to generate Leads Using Gated Content. The practice of “gating” content requires website visitors to submit personal contact information–typically through an online form–before viewing privileged tools and resources. Gated content can help convert online leads to customers by providing the identity of anonymous web users and by analyzing their online behavior.

Gated content is especially effective for B2B websites where sellers and buyers benefit from thought leadership in the center of attention. Success with a gated content strategy is contingent on many aspects. Placing a form in the middle of content isn’t the way to go.

Gated content is one of the pillars of successful and efficient inbound marketing. You must offer an exchange in return for emails that your customers and leads send you. The issue is where to determine the boundary.

What is Gated Content?

The content is restricted to those who first input their contact information and other personal information (such as their names, company names, and job title) to gain access to important content. It’s a means for companies to stay in touch with customers who have read about and displayed interest in their website or other content on the internet.

It’s an established and tried method to generate leads, specifically for B2B firms. It’s believed that about 80% of the content for B2B is restricted.

Pros of Gated Content

Gathers qualified leads.

The people who fill out forms consider themselves qualified leads. About two-thirds of B2B marketers who were surveyed created gated content to get qualified leads, per an earlier Walker Sands research report (which is itself classified as gated content).

Creates marketing lists.

It makes lists to send out email newsletters and other purposes related to marketing. According to Walker Sands, nearly half (53 percent) of B2B marketers utilize gated content to integrate prospects into an automated marketing program.

Creates a sense of scarcity.

The feeling of scarcity gives the impression of wanting. It’s free to have, and people importance what’s harder to get.

Blocks the competition.

Certain organizations wish to stop competitors from downloading data. They’ll verify the email addresses of registered customers and stop competitors from getting the information. This doesn’t work. Competitors make use of Gmail or any other addresses that are not corporate.

Cons of Gated Content

It creates a barrier.

Some people will not give their contact details for fear of receiving selling and spam. “People dislike content that is gated. Even those who manage to gate their content are aware of this,” says Mark Schaefer Schaefer, president of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, saying that most users leave the forms before they are completed.

No shortage of content.

The web is flooded with details. The information you give can be found elsewhere, on a competitor’s site, or even on an application.

Awkward registrations on mobile devices.

More people have access to information through mobile devices. Making a registration using a smartphone can be challenging. Most people quit or don’t bother.

No SEO benefits.

Search engines cannot complete online forms, so they do not index gated content. “Search bots view most forms as almost a brick wall — gating the content from humans essentially walls it off to search robots,” writes Janet Driscoll Miller, president, and CEO of Marketing Mojo, in Search Engine Land.

Examples of gated content

If you’re unsure where you should begin, look at the examples below of gated content and their associated landing pages to build an effective resource that creates leads. In all of these examples, you will notice that your landing page is easy to short, clear, and compelling, with a huge lead form that encourages conversions.

1. WordStream’s 120 Words & Phrases List

WordStream’s 120 most effective words and phrases to Market using emotional an excellent illustration of the kind of content that usually attracts attention in the form of an A list. Marketers are always seeking ways to create more engaging copy, and a list that can make their lives more efficient is a great source.

2.’s Performance Management Research Report provides exclusive information in the shape of research reports, such as their Future of Performance Management Report. It is an excellent opportunity for certain organizations to increase leads and sustain your position as a thought leader in the business.

Note how further down the page, they provide details from the report. However, these are located below that call-to-action along with the button to download, which gives you a further incentive to download the report without clogging the conversion process.

3. Content Marketing Institute’s Content Gaps Webinar

Instead of providing the content in a written format, the Content Marketing Institute’s “Find Your Gaps” webinar is a pre-recorded webcast that users can access anytime. It’s also possible to conduct this via live webinars if you wish to promote products or services to a large audience. Use our webinar guidelines to ensure an effective event.

5 Steps to Generate Leads With Gated Content

1. It Confirms a Buyer’s Interest

The people who post contact details on your website to access your content have proved that at most, they’re curious about the information you provide.

This means you’ll be able to devote your time and energy to follow up with the “warm” leads. If you have more warm leads, your business requires fewer cold leads to achieve sales goals.

Another advantage of gated content is that those who complete lead forms provide their contact information and will more often make an email rather than cold leads.

2. It Implies Content Has More Value

If you decide to block content, you imply that it’s more important than a typical blog article or post, just like you’d like to see more in a newspaper, magazine, or on a website, and can increase your brand’s reputation in the eyes of buyers or an expert.

If a potential client visits your site and sees “premium” content, more than simple descriptions of your goods and services sets your business apart from others that don’t have this information.

3. It Makes Content More Secure

If you block the lead form’s content on your site, It protects your content from being scraped, shared with bots, or copied.

Bots could use the information you post and distribute it for free through other websites. Your website needs to be the sole source for this information, and you would like people to visit your website along with other useful marketing materials to help sales.

In short, gating content ensures that those viewing it are the same people you initially wrote it for.

4. It Makes Personalized Lead Nurturing Easier

When a potential buyer visits specific content in a gated manner, you’ve got an idea of the topic that is popular with the person. Then, you can personalize the follow-up by contacting them via email or telephone.

With the help of the right marketing tools or analytical programs, you can see what leads were looking at before making contact and their subsequent visits to your site. Since you have this information in your sales toolkit, it is easy to tailor your follow-up process to improve the process.

5. It Automates Entry Into Your CRM

Suppose you’re using a CRM to track your customers’ status. Gated content can help the sales rep(s) more effectively when website visitors complete lead forms; the information can flow directly into Salesforce or another CRM, so sales reps don’t need to input the information manually.


Gated content is combined with a thought-out strategy to create quality leads and improve sales. It doesn’t matter which point in the funnel you offer gates, but the main thing is to present it compellingly to your ideal buyer.

FAQ About Steps to Generate Leads With Gated Content


What is lead generation in content writing?

As a web writer, you can create content that will help strengthen various areas of your funnel. A “lead generation funnel” is an opportunity to think about the route every user takes to become an actual lead.

What is the best channel for generating quality leads

Marketing via email content marketing, content marketing media, landing pages and website optimization, as well as SEO, is the most efficient lead generation channel and offers the best chances to fill the lead bucket.

What content should be gated?

 There are many ways you can utilize restricted content. Digital assets such as eBooks and whitepapers are great examples. They are perfect for providing additional value (by deep diving into the subject your readers are keen on) and establishing your company as a thought leader.

When should you gate content?

It is advisable to consider granting the content you’ve created. If your brand’s awareness efforts are working well, you’re receiving the volume of traffic you’re looking for. Your sales and landing pages are top-quality, and your primary goal is to turn more inbound traffic into leads.